Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of attending BiZCON 2018?

There are tremendous benefits of attending BiZCON 2018 –

  • You can network with 500+ successful businessmen and prominent industrialists coming from around the globe
  • You will be able to hear success stories and success mantras of 6+ prominent speakers from different Industries
  • This session is also followed by an evening session where representatives of business houses are categorized based on multiple segments like healthcare, ecommerce, technology, pharmaceuticals, finance etc. So, you as a delegate, will have access to participate in a business house of your interest.
  • Login to the site is provided to delegates who have registered to view the list of delegates who will be attending the event, so even before the commencement of the event you can start networking and initiate dialogue with people from different areas and geographies, before and post BiZCON 2018.
  • Charges for the event are kept nominal
  • Event is held at a five-star hotel property in Hyderabad

Q. What about accommodation?

Accommodation has to be managed by the delegate. However, the BiZCON 2018 committee has negotiated rates with some hotel properties of Hyderabad rating from 5/4/3/2 stars. Details of the same are available on the website. Do check them out with contact numbers. You are free to manage accommodation as per your choice of hotel.

Q. Is it mandatory to stay in the hotels recommended by you?

No, it is not mandatory to stay in the hotel recommended by you. It is entirely up to your choice on how and where you want to accommodate yourself. BiZCON committee has merely negotiated the rates with some hotel properties for the benefit of people travelling for BiZCON 2018 in Hyderabad.

Q. How do I travel to the venue?

You can reach the venue by autorickshaw or hire an OLA/Uber.

Q. Should I register for day events, networking event or both?

It depends upon the objective you have in mind to attend the event. At BiZCON 2018, the day event is from 9.00am to 5.00pm where you can listen in to the talks by our special seven dignitaries, who will share their thoughts and understand their business journey. This morning session will also include five startup ideas being promoted. This will give some solid insights on how the youth are looking at doing business and the help they need to bring it to fruition. This session includes Breakfast and Lunch.

In case you are looking forward to extended networking, we recommend you join the networking event in the evening also, which will include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We would also suggest that people travelling from out of Hyderabad should be a part of the evening networking session because you will get an opportunity to talk at length with like-minded people and individuals, so that you can explore the opportunities to collaborate, identify vendors, identify customers or probably figure out some kind of partnership.

Q. How do I transfer the registration amount?

  • You can buy either of the passes online using our online payment gateway system.
  • Hyderabad based delegates can also draw a cheque/DD in the name of Mahesh Foundation for the registration amount and send the cheque to Mahesh Foundation office.

After the money gets transferred, do send a confirmation mail at Please ensure you pay the registration amount well in advance and book your seat at BiZCON 2018 in Hyderabad. There are limited seats available for this event and by paying ahead of time you can avoid disappointment.

Q. What is the location of the venue?

The venue for BiZCON 2018 is Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, Tank Bund Road, Hyderabad.

Q. Will I get details of all the registered members attending BiZCON 2018?

Yes, the paid registered members for BiZCON 2018 will at all times have access to the paid registered member list via the online medium. Post event, scanned copies of the visiting cards of the attending delegates will be made available to you.

Please note that during the event, we do not encourage standing & distributing marketing material or telemarketing as we have to maintain the privacy of the people who are trusting us with their business cards.

Q. How do I know who are attending BiZCON 2018?

This information is available on the website. Please refer to the ‘Benefits of Login’ section in FAQ for more details.

Q. Who are the organizers of BiZCON 2018?

BiZCON 2018 is organized by Mahesh Foundation, Hyderabad and is an initiative of MIG Pune.

Mahesh Foundation, Hyderabad is a premier NGO and Not For profit Organization incorporated in the year 2009 to undertake the objectives of promoting selfless, voluntary, non-discriminating service in the spheres of Education, Health and Social Service. Eminent Persons of the Maheshwari Community from various fields such as Business, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and others at Hyderabad are amount it Life Members. To know more about Mahesh Foundation or to become it s member please visit”

Mahesh Industrial Group (MIG), Pune has been active since 1977 and is a non-profit organization which is committed to promoting and encouraging new age entrepreneurs and serves as a networking platform for fellow Maheshwari Industrialist. They act as a catalyst to promote social, economic and industrial development. They also help encourage & empower industrial/entrepreneurial activities by providing social as well as professional forum for interaction among its members.

For more information visit their websites:

Q. What if my idea is stolen?

If an idea can be stolen in five minutes then we believe the ideas lack merit. Nevertheless, we will make sure your ideas stay confidential with us. Our sole aim is help you and not to steal your ideas. We want to give traction to your ideas. However, if you are very concerned about this, we recommend you submit a shorter version of your idea rather than the full business plan.

Q. What if I don’t get funding?

Bizcon Hyderabad – 2018 is a platform to connect & collaborate with like-minded people. They wish to create an ecosystem for promising startups to flourish. There is no guarantee or commitment by any investor to give funding. It is only when like-minded people come across an idea or venture, a partnership will get established. Ventures and Mentors is excited to connect you with the investor forum and lobby. We will also help you put your ideas in a format which looks lucrative.

Q. How will you promote me across all willing investors attending BiZCON 2018?

All business ideas that are submitted will be evaluated by experts and if they are found feasible; it will be listed in the delegate kit of BiZCON 2018, with a synopsis and contact details. This will enable interested parties to connect with you post BiZCON 2018 as well.

Q. What if my idea is rejected?

There is a high chance that your idea is not up to the mark or does not seem feasible and hence will be rejected. Let this not discourage you. You can rework on your business plan and submit it next year.

Q. How do I submit my idea?

You can submit your ideas by filling a form given on the website Read the details and submit your idea in the form provided online in the given format recommended. You will get an acknowledgement on the submission of idea and someone from the Ventures and Mentors team will get in touch with you.

Q. Can I talk to someone at BiZCON 2018 before submitting my idea?

Yes, you can talk to any of the Ventures and Mentors committee members. Contact numbers of the Ventures and Mentors committee members are available on the website

Q. Will I be able to submit my idea if I have with me a non-Maheshwari partner in our Venture?

This is subjective, depending upon who is the major stake holder in the venture. However, if one of the partner in the startup ecosystem is a Maheshwari, you are eligible to submit your business idea. But promotion and presentation of the idea will be done by the Maheshwari partner or entrepreneur only. Other partners can be supportive at the venue.

Q. Are there any charges to submit our idea?

There are no extra charges to submit your idea besides the registration charges to attend BiZCON 2018 in Hyderabad. It does not matter if your idea gets selected or not, but it would be worth it to attend and witness the entire ecosystem of BiZCON, hear out entrepreneurs talk about their business journey, lots of motivational talks, some case studies and other business ideas. You can join hands with other business ventures too.

Q. Is there a format in which ideas have to be submitted?

We do not have any rigid format in which to submit your business idea. You can be creative in how you present the same. But we do recommend to not be too detailed on the financial proposal, long term plan, vision etc. Just put up a synopsis and a clear title of the idea, present the business idea, industry challenges, who are your competitors and why you will be successful.

Q. What are the benefits of Logging In?

Once you register online and your application is accepted, you will be able to see people who are attending BiZCON 2018 and people who have tentatively shown their intent in attending BiZCON.

For full access of the credentials and contact information of the people attending BizCON, you will have to confirm your payment details. Then you will be able to gets lists of people with details like Name, Designation, Location, Organization and Industry.