Ventures & Mentors - The Flagship Program

This competition is all about recognizing the various innovative ideas and to provide the necessary support, so as to enable them to convert into a successful business venture. The overall objective is to encourage and promote entrepreneurship in our maheshwari’s. Prospective entrepreneurs come across various challenges like finding a proper platform to showcase their ideas and arranging required finance to give it shape as a business venture.

On the other hand, there are people in our maheshwari who have surplus funds and are looking for investment opportunities in viable business ideas.

At the forthcoming BiZCON 2018 event, a platform will be provided to both these parties; people with innovative ideas looking for funding & support and people desirous to invest in a solid business idea. Both the interest groups can share, connect, understand, analyse and take appropriate business decisions as per their own wisdom & conclusions.

S.N. Particulars Closes on
1 Registration for Participation November 30, 2018
2 Announcement of Ten Best Ideas for Second Level Competition December 09, 2018
3 Announcement for Five Finalist amongst the Top Ten December 15, 2018
4 Final Call to Present the Idea in BIZCON 18 December 22, 2018
5 Prize Distributions December 22, 2018

Top 14 Finalists which will now fight for the Top 5 and eventually for the prize money at Bizcon 2018 at Hyderabad


S.N. Idea Owner Idea Name
1 Jay Tapadia GoMoBiz
2 Anirudh Loya Anvi Insight
3 Kapil Baheti EcoPadz
4 Hitesh Rathi Aadvik Foods
5 Shubham Maheshwari Being Chef
6 Shubham Maheshwari Visual Ez
7 Srishti Lakhotia Logistics Junction
8 Srajan Nawal Society Manager
9 Govind Jakhotia PickNPack
10 Sidhant Kankani Mutual Fund Optimizer
11 Yashvardhan Narendra Saboo KonceptCA
12 Anuraag Saboo Invest JINI
13 Gaurav Totla Univrse Virtual Reality Arcade
14 Sanjay Jakhotia Making a Chapati

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